Osilan OF8A-08OM2HDPE

Osilan’s Outdoor Central Figure 8 Cable Loose Tube Fibre Cable, 8 fiber core, OM2, HDPE

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Osilan’s Outdoor Figure 8 Uni Loose Tube cable, Single Jacket, Single Aluminium Polyethylene Laminated tape (APL), Supported with Figure 8 stranded wires tube, are the optimal choice for any backbone in Outside Plant (OSP) Installations. The Outdoor All-Dielectric Stranded Tube design is perfect for Aerial Applications and all outdoor installations. The cable quality and structure offer reliable transmission performance with additional crush and rodent protection.

Additional information

Cable Length

1000 m | 3280.84 ft

Jacket Color


Cable Type

Figure 8, Uni Loose Tube


(APL) tape

Fiber Count


Fiber Type


Outer Jacket




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